Top Things to Do for Free in New York

New York is one of the popular places across the globe that is renowned for its economy and wonderful attractions. Whether you are a tourist or just want to explore what New York has to offer, these following things will surely give you a total package experience:

Freshen Up Yourself by Enjoying a Splash in One of the Outdoor Pools

NY Outdoor Pools

New York may be stiflingly hot as well as humid in the summer yet the city also has an ideal remedy, which is a free open-air swimming. There are several outdoor public pools in New York. During particular days, you can enjoy a splash in one of the outdoor pools in the city without spending any money. What you only have to do is to bring your bag, padlock for the locker, towel, swim suit, and other things necessary when swimming.

Enjoy Live Concerts In Prospect Park

NY Prospect Park

If you love music and always enjoy watching live concerts, well New York can give you the chance to be entered for free of charge. During Saturdays throughout Summer, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park hosts free concerts, which feature an eclectic collection of acts. The concerts in Prospect Park are your perfect excuse to leave the busy streets of Manhattan.

Explore New Things at Museum of Modern Art

NY Museum of Modern Art

During Fridays, Museum of Modern Art is open until 8 in the evening and hands out some free tickets to anybody who will enter after 4pmg. It is great to arrive at 4:30pm if you want to avoid the queue. You may start your exploration with the special exhibition on the top floor, then get a glimpse of the finest paintings of all time and other things you should not miss when visiting a museum.

Love to Read? Take a Visit at New York Public Library

New York Public Library

There are two major attractions at the main branch of the library in the city, which can be found in Midtown Manhattan. The first is the reading room of Beaux-Arts building’s reading room where natural lights bounce off long oak tables and the chandeliers of the ceilings. The other thing you should not miss is the 2 marble Lions, Fortitude and Patience, who guard the entrance.

Enjoy a Brewery Tour

NY Brewery Tour

America is no doubt the land of craft beer and as the population of drinkers grows, the breweries of New York are becoming popular attractions for the visitors. You can visit Chelsea Brewing Company, which is the largest microbrewery in Manhattan. It offers free tours for everyone with a complimentary sample beer. You can also try visiting Brooklyn Brewery. This also offers no reservation, free tours every weekend.

Aside from beautiful places and things to do for free in New York, it also takes pride from providing free comedy for everyone. If you want to forget all your worries for a while, get laughs in Big Apple, which hosts free shows.

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  1. Susan Jake

    Waoo Great pictures! Always love seeing what there is to do in New York. Most of these places are really good places. New York is such a big city and the people that know it the best hands down are native New Yorkers.

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