The Simple lovely stuffs in Las Vegas

This is my Las Vegas pleasure notes for the exciting stuffs you can actually enjoy for free in this so-called Sin City, the base for folks around the globe to come wet their appetites.
So much stuffs to do in this city that are marked as wholly awesome and whilst a lot of these such as getting some stripper show for a lap dance or eating the pleasurable Sin City steaks amongst others aren’t cheap at all, I found some few highly exciting things that will make your day and stay as pleasurably memorable for a long time and comes with a FREE pricing.

Let us check them out as below:

Have you ever heard about the Bellagio Fountains?

The Simple lovely stuffs in Las Vegas

Right at the Bellagio – you will see one of life’s most beautiful views as you watch the glorious spark of water cannons making their way up as high as two hundred feet in the air. If you want to catch a romantic setting for both you and a lover, then this place will provide you the scenery for FREE and you can catch with some events that run in the mid-days here and others that rock in the evenings. The Bellagio fountain is a spectacle to enjoy for free.

This is for Wine lovers as you can freely taste some great Las Vegas wine here!

Wine lovers Las Vegas

At Rock and Roll Wine spot at Morledge – it is always a delightful Thursday night experience for wine lovers and when I did visit this spot, I had some of the best wines ever tasted for absolutely free of charge. The spot holds free tastings at various multiple points of scenes that range from the Artisan Lounge to Vdara amongst others and all you have to do to come in here and drink the best of Las Vegas wines is sign up for the list in advance. I have had its popular red and white mixes, and you are sure to get a few other surprises when you visit this hub.

What about watching nature erupt FREE right before your eyes as in the movies?

The Mirage Las Vegas

I love this spot known as the Mirage.

This one helps you understand volcanic eruptions and actions. The spot – the Mirage – created a volcano right in front of a resort simply to make it produce loud explosions, spit fire, spit lava, and make visitors such as tourists like me and you assume that something up in the Strip is being blasted. This lovely scenario and experience you get here will attract some paid fees elsewhere but here you get the deal for free. And now I can tell a bit better how a volcano blows up and performs as if I had a natural one – experienced.

Pawn Plaza Las Vegas

And last but not the least, if you love to get a bit naughty in this Sin City, you can queue up early to get a view right within the real Gold and Silver Pawn Store in Downtown Vegas. It’s all FREE for the show!

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2 thoughts on “The Simple lovely stuffs in Las Vegas

  1. Monica Andrea

    Las Vegas is a city of life. The 24hrs life in the city is one that you can never forget. Such a lively city. You cannot talk about Las Vegas without talking about wine, hotel, women and casino. Some of the beautiful hotels in the US are located in Las Vegas. The Mirage is one spectacular place in the city, with such an unbelievable environment. What more some of these place are FREE to visit.

  2. Caitlin

    I’ve never been to Las Vegas before, but it really seems to be a beautiful place with a lot of great sights! I would personally love to see the Bellagio fountains in person. I’m sure it would take a very long time to get bored with Vegas!

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