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Exploring and living in Metro Manila may be a bit costly if you do not know your way around. But, with a little research and planning, this big city of more or less twelve million people can offer you fun and exceptional experience. What you only need is to add free activities to your itinerary and some of these include the following:

Go to the Malls

Mall in Manila

Whenever you are at a mall in Manila, there are tons of things you may do without the need for you to spend a dime. If you are in need of internet connection, you can always take advantage of the free public Wi-Fi that most malls offer. You may stay in food courts. You may also try going on a window shopping and make plans for your future purchases. If you are a bit hungry, there are supermarkets that offer free tastes on particular days, so you can have a drink and try sample products that you could purchase in the future. All of these things can be done while enjoying cool air. Mall of Asia, one of the largest malls in Asia, takes pride from having many stores with acreage that will take a day to completely explore it.

Watch a Movie

If you like watching films or movies, you can visit UP Diliman’s Film Institute in Quezon City. It’s a perfect place you can visit if you are a huge fan of Filipino movies, especially the classics. Typically, UP Film Institute screens movies for free of charge daily. If you are not into classics, you can use the chance to appreciate a lot of beautiful films that many Filipinos have produced over the years. Some embassies also provide free film festivals at particular times of the year, which are often held at Cine Europa Film Festival at the Shangri-La Plaza and SM Megamall.

Appreciate Art

Cultural Center of the Philippines

CCP or Cultural Center of the Philippines’ art gallery is open to everyone for free only from Sundays and Tuesdays. The National Museum of the Philippines also gives free entrance during Sundays. If you are a lover of arts, these are great venues for viewing good pieces of art without the need to spend any amount of money. You may also even take all your friends with you if you like them to be interested in the history, culture, and art of the Philippines.

Go to Libraries

Ortigas Foundation Library

If you like reading books yet you don’t have much money to buy some for yourself, there is nothing you should worry about as Manila has some libraries that can offer you different books. The CCP’s public library and Ortigas Foundation Library can let you read or borrow books for free of charge. There are also times that they have events where you can obtain free copies of particular books, which is a must for book junkies out there.

Enjoy a Stroll in a Public Park

Paco Park to Luneta Park

One of the great and free things you can do is to take a stroll in a public park in Manila. From Paco Park to Luneta Park, Manila has tons of free places you can visit for learning about the place’s history and for leisure. Parks like Paco Park also have free shows at night at particular days. So, if you are lucky, you can enjoy your day with entertainment. Rizal Park is also another popular park you can find in Manila. It has no entrance fee and was named after the popular Philippine, Jose Rizal, who was executed due to his role during the Spanish period.

Learn More about the Philippine History By Visiting the Intramuros


In Intramuros, you will find what it was like for Filipinos to live under the rule of Spanish government. No fees for the general spot, yet there are entrance fees on particular areas. If you want to get free things, staying at the general spot can help you save money.

Go By the Bay

Manila Bay

Manila Bay is one of the most popular places you can visit for free. Chill out by the bay and take stroll in the streets while watching the sunset or sunrise. If you want to take a selfie, this is also a perfect place.

Explore the Churches around Manila

For Filipino people, religion means a lot to them. In fact, religion is a big part of the culture of the Philippines. That is the reason why it is best to take a tour at some of the churches in Manila. The oldest church in the Philippines is San Agustin Church and it is famous for its architectural wonder of the place. Manila Cathedral is also another beautiful church to visit.

Be Part of A Live Audience

If you like to be in a famous noon time show in the country, it could your best time to shine. You can be part of one of the popular noontime shows of major networks, GMA and ABS-CBN.

Check Out the Equivalent to Hollywood’s Stars Walk of Fame in Manila

Eastwood City

In Eastwood City, you will find the equivalent to Hollywood’s Stars Walk of Fame, where you will find the names of the most prominent stars in the Philippines. At night, place turns into a party area with tons of good food choices.

Walk Around Quiapo

If you like strolling, you should not miss walking around the street of Quiapo, where you can find many Filipino vendors selling various products. For food lovers, you can try Halal food, which is situated near the Golden Mosque. If you like entertainment, you can also spend some of your time with the sidewalk fortune tellers.

There are other free things you can do in the beautiful city of Manila. Depending on your preferences, you can make your own schedule to make most of your travel experience in this place. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your things and discover more of what Manila has to offer!

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