Beauty and excitement of Islamabad

A global city, Islamabad has been the city of interest since its early development for adventure and leisure seekers alike. Islamabad is a planned capital city with innumerable attractions ranging from extreme sports to magnificent sight-seeing for both tourists and natives.

Lok virsa (National heritage museum)

Lok virsa (National heritage museum)

The cultural and social hub of Pakistan, Islamabad claims the finest cultural museum of history and heritage in the country. The national heritage museum boasts statues, pictures, pottery, music and textile work of all the cultures from each corner of the country across Pakistan. Various vintage and intricate artworks are displayed here as well as traditional architectural techniques such as marble inlay, mirror work, tile, mosaic and fresco are displayed. The adjoining library has a vast range of resource material in paperbound format as well as audio and video cassettes. This art works can be enjoyed and taken in by all visitors, with compliments from the government of Pakistan.

Pakistan monument

The Pakistan monument

Pakistan monument is a national monument erected in form of four large and three small flower petals to honor the conception, creation, and development. The petals represent four main provinces and three smaller territories. The monument presents the shape of a star inside a crescent from top, a beautiful nod to the national symbol of Pakistan. This monument decorated both inside and out, is surrounded by breathtaking view of towering Shakarparian hills. A beautiful scenic sight along with an organized and vast media center that provides extreme insight to the Pakistan movement is the best part of any trip here.

Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake

Rawal dam is located in Islamabad. It is the largest artificial water reservoir in the twin cities and offers and a number of attractive recreational activities for the visitors. The old Rawal dam view point offers fishing, sight-seeing, as well as a beautiful park. The new lake view park, offers boating, diving, sailing and water skating arranged by private clubs. Rawal Lake also contains an aviary where birds of various species roam about freely. These birds are the exotic fauna of Pakistan. Winter waterfowl, yellow-throated marten, and pangolins are seasonal visitors here.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

Largest mosque in South-Asia and fourth largest mosque in the world, Faisal mosque is one of the most distinguished and iconic landmarks around the world. This national mosque of Pakistan has a stunning geometric design, unique in its modern assembly as it is lacking the traditional domes and arches. A paradise for art and religion enthusiasts alike, it is an eternal symbol for Pak-Saudi bond. Every corner of the mosque is open for exploration along with an embellishment of a huge range of mosaics and calligraphy scriptures, both exclusive and exquisite.

Daman-e-koh and Pir sohawa

Pir sohawa


Daman-e koh is a viewpoint and a hilltop garden on Margalla hills, at about 2400ft from sea level. It is a midpoint on the way to a higher viewpoint, Pir Sohawa, which stands proud at a 3600ft elevation. Providing a panoramic view to Islamabad, both these points are great tourist attractions as well as hiking finish points. Various trails are formed across the hill for varying difficulty level of hike; with trail 5 being the easiest. These trails are gorgeous, clean and make your journey worthwhile. Natural and exotic fauna such as monkeys and cheetahs frequently are guests to this route.

Architecture in Islamabad

Parliament House Pakistan


A combination of Mughal, Arabic, Turkish & Arabic Architecture; Islamabad is embellished with top notch building schematics for architecture lovers to behold. Constitution Avenue is full of buildings which contain significant material for architecture devotees like Supreme Court building, Parliament House & the Cabinet House. Most enchanting structure, however, is the Prime Minister’s Secretariat; milk white with shapely domes and columns, it looks a heavenly palace come to earth.

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